Nina Berenato Jewelry is the first fashion retail business in Austin, Texas to earn the city's highest sustainability honor as a Platinum Green Business Leader, going toe to toe and surpassing billion-dollar companies. Here's why:

  • Most products are made from recycled and refined metals sourced from United Precious Metals Refinery in Miami, FL. 
  • Our e-commerce shipping products are zero-waste and fully compostable, they are actually plantable and will grow flowers whether they end up in your backyard or the landfill. They have clear instructions, explaining the life cycle of their packaging and encouraging responsible disposal. We source our e-commerce packaging from North American companies Botanical Paper Work, Pure Labels and Ecoenclose.
  • Our headquarters, production studio, and storefront Austin, Texas runs off of 100% wind-powered energy. 
  • We have eliminated receipts to consume less paper and ask our customers to skip bags altogether when possible.