In 1990 the Kogi people emerged from isolation within the Sierra Nevada mountains to deliver a message to the Western world. The message was simple, a warning to industrialized societies of the potential catastrophic future facing the planet if we don't change our ways. Highly attuned to nature, the Kogi believe that they exist to care for the world and are driven by a cosmic consciousness which they call ALUNA. The Kogi's spiritual leaders are raised in darkness to learn how to connect to this cosmic consciousness, to be able to listen and respond to her needs in order to keep the world in balance.
This collection is inspired by the Kogi's message and aims to encourage the women who wear it to connect back to this mother essence, to respect and protect our planet, and to take steps to make changes in our own lives to benefit our greatest gift, the world we live on. The concentric circles that surround the center are meant to represent the power that each individual has to effect change. One person has the power to ripple out and make the world a better place, one small action by one small action.
A percentage of the proceeds from this collection will go to the Tairona Land Trust, protecting the Kogi's sacred sites.

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An inferno is a fire that is "dangerously out of control". Inspired by the fire that each woman holds inside, this collection is a reminder to the wearer of this power. Composed of hand-carved Goddess bodies, mirrored after ancient sculptures and bronze-cast matchsticks, each piece radiates a light that cannot be contained. It is my hope that every woman who wears this collection feels inspired to release her fire and shine bright.

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A tribute to my mother, whose favorite flower is the Calla Lily, this collection is possibly my most vulnerable and personal yet. Unlike many flowers, the Lily never truly goes dormant. It is no wonder then, that ancient alchemists considered it a lunar plant with feminine qualities. Blooming with a power that never ceases and enduring through the seasons. The collection features powerful curves- mirroring the female body... with sweeping folds and soft edges. It is a defiant leap into the acceptance of my own power and it is my hope that it empowers you to step into yours.

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Chaos & Fortuna

Chaos is a collection inspired by the ancient myth of Chaos. According to lore, the world began in a "shapeless heap" and from this chaos, everything was created. 

Late classical authors redefined Chaos as the chaotic mix of elements that existed in the primordial universe, conflating it with the primal "Mud", from which the first snakes slithered the earth. 

This collection was highly labor-intensive, as each snakehead was carved in wax and the stones are meticulously set by hand. Each piece is marked with our diamond maker's mark so there is no doubt that they are an NB original.

The Fortuna collection is inspired by the Roman goddess of luck. Fortuna is often depicted wearing a blindfold and standing atop a spinning wheel. Her power is in the unexpected, her willingness to surrender herself and the lives of those around her to fate. In such an unpredictable world, I find myself discovering new good luck charms all around me. 

I look to find purpose in vulnerability seeking the possibility of a plan beyond myself. Fortuna is a collection of new lucky charms to hold close.

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Doors of Janus

The Doors of Janus Collection is inspired by the passages and entryways that caught my eye when I first arrived in Austin, TX in 2016. A walker by nature, I couldn't help but notice the vibrant doors that marked each entrance in my new Southern neighborhood and the arching greenery that expanded above the sidewalks, creating a tunnel as I walked along.  In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, hence, also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god who looks to the future and to the past.

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Bichos & Warrior

The Bichos Collection is inspired by the sculptural works of a Venezuelan artist and sculptor that I discovered during a visit to the MoMa NYC in 2015. With this collection, my long-established interest in symmetry comes to an abrupt halt. Inspired by the work of Gertrud Goldschmidt, fondly referred to as Gego, I begin to explore 3D structure and anti-symmetric design with, Bichos. Gego's semi-geometric, see-through, two-and-three dimensional pieces made of twisted and knotted wires, were suspended in space. My Bichos collection mimics this practice bringing 3D forms into the collection for the first time.

The Warrior Collection is inspired by the stories of the Valkyries, Nordic female goddesses who choose who may live and who must die in battle.  

The Valkyries have often inspired poets as women-warriors. Their name means, "Chooser of the Slain," and they are one of ancient mythology's strongest feminine symbols.

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Hidden Universe

When I first saw the Dostoevsky Drama Theatre in Novgorod, Russia in a coffee table book about global architecture, I was instantly obsessed. Pouring myself into literature about the strange structure, I began to imagine a time traveling woman, approaching the magnificent building, using it as a hub to slip between the waves of time and space. Through this movement, my muse is independent of any observer, but in her journeys, The Time Traveler is able to capture momentos of her surroundings and experiences. Geometric shapes, prisms, and flashes of colored light surround her as she makes her way to an extraordinary portal, the keyhole to the Hidden Universe.

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Men's Collection

Inspired by buttons used in the women's rights movement,
my first attempt at a men's collection was created to promote equality and community.
I created this collection for our allies - those who use their voices for good.
A line of jewelry for men who choose to lift up the women around them and use their power to take a stand against injustice.

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