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Smart Bra anyone?

Yes, that's correct. There is now a Smart Bra. No, it does not have an attached screen and hooks up to iTunes. But, this bra is pretty stellar. Enter the VITALI Smart Bra, a revolutionary sports bra with fabric sensors to support your wellbeing through breathing, posture and HRV training with biofeedback. You know those things you never thought you needed...but then you see that thing and you are just like, "this is the BEST idea ever"? Well, this bra is definitely one of those things.Check our

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Up & Running!

It's official! The handmade jewelry guru, Nina Berenato, has a new blog. We are so excited to share with you guys more empowering stories about women and even give you some rad music and inspirational blurbs. Here you can also read the latest of her two other campaigns: #FEARLESSLYFORGED and #JewelryForEveryBody.However, we want to forewarn you. You will feel certain things when visiting this new blog. Possible side-effects include: Kickass mood-swingsPositive vibes *possibly contagious*Dance

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