We are in the business to empower, support, and encourage growth not only for ourselves but all the amazing people around us. At Nina Berenato, our growth is determined by the amount we are able to give back. Let's talk about some of the ways we are putting our money where our mouth is!
  1. Every month, we choose a new non-profit to donate 3% of all store monthly sales to. Organizations like Dress for Success, Out Youth, Casa Marianella have all been featured in our store. Stop by the shop to see which organization we picked for this month! Have an organization you love? Tell us!
  2. We are a feminine hygiene drop off location for Flo Code ATX! Flo Code ATX is a leader and support organization in the Austin community donating over 330,000 menstrual products to 30+ organizations, shelters and natural disaster victims. Flo Code ATX is run and organized by three amazing women: Lamanda Ballard, Brooke Harrison, and Daichan Sykes. 
  3. Check out our Designs that Donate, where every purchase goes towards a good cause, like Girls Inc., The Trevor Project, and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Each item is different and we couldn't be prouder of them!
  4. Running a business is tough work, and we can't keep all of this good information to ourselves! Designer and Owner Nina Berenato offers full scholarships to The Jewelry Academy for makers and artists looking to take the next step in their careers! Apply for a scholarship here.
  5. We have an entire art wall dedicated to Austin woman artists - where 100% of the profits go directly to them. Check it out here!
  6. We know how privileged we are to have a brick and mortar store. Which is why we host as many events for other makers as we can! Sometimes, these are the artists biggest sales days of the year. We host 3 annual shopping events for other women makers - no admittance fees attached! Be sure to follow us to make sure you don't miss out on any of our in-store or online events!
  7. We know how hard it is to get grants and loans - especially for women. This is why we created our own grant, The Making It Together grant. Check it out here!
Trust us - theres even more! We are committed to our mission and we aren't stopping anytime soon! Want to read our mission statement? Click here!
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