Our Mission

We are here to prove...

That there is a place in today's economy for woman-made goods.

That as female makers, we are valuable and capable of creating products that are innovative and worthy

That as a company, we are not afraid to challenge the fashion industry status quo - or create another, better one. 

That we, as women, can come together, lift each other up, and rise side by side to be successful in business & in life. 

One person can change an industry. One person can declare war. 

As the Owner, Founder, and Designer, it is my job to audit myself, my team, and my brand and find ways for improvement. Our journey is continuing and our fight to change women's lives and our industry has not stopped!

In June of 2020, we had a store meeting. Here are some ways that we, as a store and as people, have decided to expand on our values and mission. Click here to see what Nina Berenato Jewelry is doing in 2020.