Making It Together Grant For Female Artists

"I am so excited to announce my newest campaign. As a maker, I know the struggles of building a business. I know how hard it is to continue to create and perfect your craft while trying to gain capital. I also know what it's like to apply year after year to business grants and scholarships to receive funding. It's shocking that less than 10% of capital-backed businesses are female-founded, leaving many deserving women fighting an exhausting uphill battle. So, my team and I decided to make a new grant, specifically for the female maker.

$50 from the sale of the Making It Together Necklace goes directly into a fund - with the goal to give as many $5,000 grants to American-made, female-owned businesses as possible. Together we will uplift our community, offering the women around us the funding they need to find success. By giving financial support, we provide them economic independence, and with this independence, the ability to raise their voices and be heard. Wear this necklace as a reminder that we are MAKING IT TOGETHER." - Nina Berenato


Now, for the good part! Are you a female maker and artist?


Feel free to apply after every grant cycle.

Every time our bank is filled we will award a $5,000 grant!

We are more than halfway there!