Bending Ring

Nina Berenato Jewelry

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The Bending Ring is part of the Shaman's Trance collection inspired by the San tribe of Southern Africa.

Of prime importance in all San groups is a ritual dance that serves to heal the group. During these dances, the women usually sat around a central fire as they sang and clapped their hands. The men than first danced around the women in a clockwise direction and then vice versa. As the dance increased in intensity, the dancers reached trance-like, altered, states of consciousness and were transported into the spirit realm where they could plead for the souls of the sick. These trance dances are depicted in the rock art left behind by the San. The shamanic figures are often painted in strange bending forward postures.

This unique handcrafted ring gives the look of a stackable ring in one solid piece. The handmade ring is available in size 5-7. Each piece of Nina Berenato Jewelry is handmade by designer Nina Berenato in her Austin, TX studio. The base of each ring is bronze with either 14k gold finish or rhodium finish. All Nina Berenato pieces are hypoallergenic. 


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