Affirmation Candle - Fearless

Nina Berenato

$ 24.00 

  • Affirmation Candle - Fearless
  • Affirmation Candle - Fearless

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Recent studies have shown that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. I wanted to use the science behind scent and memory to help women feel powerful and confident. Light this candle at your home, office or alter, each time you notice the scent, repeat the affirmation to yourself.

These candles go hand in hand with our affirmation yoga mat sprays, use these two together to utilize your senses to boost your confidence all day long.

These candles allow you to physically light your affirmation and be surrounded by the scent, utilizing the breath and the senses by inhaling and exhaling what you wish to remember about yourself. My hope is that these daily reminders encourage women to know that they are fearless every day.

The Fearless candle is scented with Tobacco, Bergamotand Ylang.
Hand Poured in South River, New Jersey, we developed a soy blend wax that has all the benefits of soy wax with the great scent throw of paraffin wax. Each candle has a cotton wick and the candles have a smooth creamy look and are full-bodied fragrances that last the entire burn. They are in 11 oz jars.

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