Our Brand Ethics

  • All products are made from recycled and refined metals sourced from United Precious Metals Refinery in Miami, FL. United has a commitment to both their environmental responsibility and Fair Wage responsibility.
  • None of our products contain animal products and are 100% cruelty free.
  • Our production & manufacturing is done locally, reducing our energy imprint and ensuring Safe and Fair conditions for our workers.
  • Our e-commerce shipping products are Zero-waste and fully compostable. They have clear labels, explaining the life cycle of their packaging and encouraging responsible disposal. We source our e-commerce packaging from within the United States, minimizing our energy consumption in receiving these products.
  • Our in-store packaging is either recyclable or fully compostable and labeled as such. We have eliminated receipts to consume less paper and ask our customers to skip bags altogether when possible.
  • The founder has risen as a leader in Austin, encouraging others to join in creating a more ethical city by creating the #SeasonofSustainability a movement that includes both her personal examples along with a group of videos aimed at educating both retailers and consumers on ways they can be better in their day to day consumption.
  • When the customer is finished using their jewelry, our products can be returned to our store location to be refined and recycled into new pieces.
  • Inside of our store we have a small selection of other designers' work, when choosing these designers, we buy plastic-free products and packaging only. 
M Y   H A N D M A D E   Q U A L I T Y   G U A R A N T E E
  • Each and every piece of Nina Berenato Jewelry is handmade by me (Nina) in my Austin, TX studio. I hand-build with heartfelt intention - knowing that my one of a kind designs will empower and strengthen you every time you wear it. 
  • Your jewelry is made with 100% recycled metals that are recycled and refined at United Metals, America’s largest environmentally-friendly refinery. 
  • The natural stones I use in some designs are truly special. They are ethically mined and sourced from a small family-owned lapidary based in India. No two stones are quite alike, making my stone pieces some of the best sellers.
  • Our gold plating is applied 10x thicker than the industry standard and guaranteed for life! If it ever starts to come off in a way that bothers you, just exchange it on the spot in-store, or mail it to my store and I will send back a replacement for free.
  • Everything that I make is hypoallergenic. We NEVER use nickel in any of our jewelry and my designs are safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  • As a final step, I apply a protective coat on all of the jewelry so it’s ok to get wet, come in contact with lotions and perfumes, or even be in the pool. 
  • If your jewelry is ever damaged, just reach out to me via email and I will do my best to repair it for you.
  • I want everyone to be able to have jewelry that makes them feel powerful, confident and capable of anything... that’s why we have partnered with AFFIRM to offer interest-free financing if you need it. Just click on the Affirm logo on the product page to make your dream jewelry purchase a little more wallet-friendly :)
Xo, Nina