Book a POWER HOUR with me today and we can sit down in person, over Facetime, through email or on the phone to talk out your greatest challenges and create a plan to push your business forward. I like to consider my consulting strategy as "consulting for the underdog." I can help you turn your perceived weaknesses into your greatest strengths, giving your business a fighting chance. I will share with you my 10 years of industry experience along with my proprietary tools and tricks that have allowed me to beat the odds and build the business of my dreams without outside investment. I'm living proof that it's possible and I'm here to show you how.


Independent Brand Consultation:
I offer one-on-one consultations with small business owners and creatives to help them map out what direction their business should be heading. This includes getting to the core of your mission, identifying the Why and creating a custom communication and marketing strategy for growth. If you are familiar with my company, then you know that one thing that has always set me apart is my ability to innovate - to think outside of the box and invent creative solutions that have set my brand apart from the pack. Most importantly, I've been able to stay true to my mission and create a business that is more than just selling a product. I specialize in helping businesses WITHOUT funding who are bootstrapping their companies themselves and I am so excited to create an actionable plan for your unique goals. With this service, I will learn about your business and tap into my own experience and creativity, offering you a new way to approach your business and finally get to where you want to be.

Jewelry Production Consultation:
I offer full-service jewelry production navigation for brands looking to produce a jewelry line within the USA. This includes an introduction to my suppliers, full transparency about my production methods and guidance about how I have built my jewelry business. I will teach you my one-of-a-kind way of pricing to cover your costs and enable you to make the profits you desire on handmade goods. I will also offer my personal industry connections, which I have nurtured and grown over my 10 years in business, to you, enabling you to get your own line off the ground using manufacturers you can trust. This service also includes product development, new product evaluation, process trouble-shooting, and equipment needs.

Austin Retail Consultation:
Austin is the United States' fastest growing retail marketplace and brands from all over the world are setting up shop here. I will share my experience as a 3 time store owner in multiple locations around Austin, both mobile and brick and mortar, to help you navigate this unique retail environment. I will introduce you to local realtors, offer my advice on navigating taxes, help you identify your key demographics, assist you in buying and designing for the local Austin customer, and help create a PR strategy for a successful local launch. I can introduce you to my media and influencer list of over 2,000 coveted contacts, ensuring that you get the press coverage you need and are able to solidify yourself as one of Austin's favorite local shops.