Bichos + Warrior

The Bichos Collection is inspired by the sculptural works of a Venezuelan artist and sculptor that I discovered during a visit to the MoMa NYC in 2015. With this collection, my long-established interest in symmetry comes to an abrupt halt. Inspired by the work of Gertrud Goldschmidt, fondly referred to as Gego, I begin to explore 3D structure and anti-symmetric design with, Bichos. Gego's semi-geometric, see-through, two-and-three dimensional pieces made of twisted and knotted wires, were suspended in space. My Bichos collection mimics this practice bringing 3D forms into the collection for the first time.

The Warrior Collection is inspired by the stories of the Valkyries, Nordic female goddesses who choose who may live and who must die in battle.  

The Valkyries have often inspired poets as women-warriors. Their name means, "Chooser of the Slain," and they are one of ancient mythology's strongest feminine symbols.