Shaman's Medallion

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  • Shaman's Medallion
  • Shaman's Medallion
  • Shaman's Medallion
  • Shaman's Medallion

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This necklace is inspired by the popular perception of ‘shamanic’ cultures which often carries with it an image of the shaman as a lone figure who is consulted by the tribe for healing and other purposes, but in San communities there are shamanic figures, called ‘medicine men’ by anthropologists, who specialize according to the quality and associations of the spiritual energy, they possess. During ceremonies, women’s clapping and singing acts as an inspiration and source of guidance for the healers entering deeply bewildering and powerful trance states. The communal aspect of the San ceremonies is reflected in the way the dancers will care for each other as individuals enter deep states of ecstasy, often supporting and attending to the bodies of those whose souls have temporarily left to journey into the spirit world.

This necklace is on a 30 inch oval link chain and hits mid-torso on most people.  

The stones found in this necklace are natural stones, ethically mined in India.

See STONE GUIDE for stone options.

Please note that all stones are one of a kind and therefore vary in color and pattern.

Handmade in Austin, TX by an all female team of makers.

Finished in 14k yellow white or rose gold with the highest quality luxury finishing.


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