December 8th - Wax Carving & Design 101 | 3 PM - 6 PM with Coelina Edwards

Coelina Edwards

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Have you ever been curious about making jewelry, casting, carving wax, producing your own jewelry line or just want to participate in self-care through the practice of art? Take a workshop with artist/maker Coelina Edwards and learn how to manipulate various wax recipes to create sculptural objects or wearables.

Coelina Edwards is a new Austin local, artist, maker and creative bringing her talents to Texas. Coelina has received multiple degrees in Fine Arts with focuses in sculpture, metalsmithing, fibers, and textiles. She is influenced by her strong interest in cultural practices, craft, and ritual.

During this workshop, we will connect with the community and our inner selves through the process of exploration. By the end of the session, participants will have had moments to fellowship, complete wax models, discuss production steps, and set dates for documentation.

* All waxes will be sent off to the caster by each participant. You will have the opportunity to learn more about creating your own jewelry line by experiencing sending your own waxes off to the caster. You can choose from the various metals they provide at the going market value. *

The group of participants will discuss a date to gather in person or online to photograph and/or share final work.

Cost: $65 per person/ eight person max
Duration: 3hrs

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