Chaos + Fortuna

Chaos is a collection inspired by the ancient myth of Chaos. According to lore, the world began in a "shapeless heap" and from this chaos, everything was created. 

Late classical authors redefined Chaos as the chaotic mix of elements that existed in the primordial universe, conflating it with the primal "Mud", from which the first snakes slithered the earth. 

This collection was highly labor-intensive, as each snakehead was carved in wax and the stones are meticulously set by hand. Each piece is marked with our diamond maker's mark so there is no doubt that they are an NB original.

The Fortuna collection is inspired by the Roman goddess of luck. Fortuna is often depicted wearing a blindfold and standing atop a spinning wheel. Her power is in the unexpected, her willingness to surrender herself and the lives of those around her to fate. In such an unpredictable world, I find myself discovering new good luck charms all around me. 

I look to find purpose in vulnerability seeking the possibility of a plan beyond myself. Fortuna is a collection of new lucky charms to hold close.