The Making It Together Auction

In 2019, Female Founded businesses received only 2.7% of available funding while making up more than 40% of qualified applicants. As Female founders face the Co-Vid19 crisis and apply for emergency funding, they know that this statistic stands. After posting about my own rejection experience, fellow female makers flooded my inbox with messages about their own stories of aid and loan denial. I realized, it's up to us, to fund ourselves, together.

My team and I hosted a 24 hour online event, The Making it Together Auction. It featured the work of 72 female makers, artists and services and 100% of the proceeds went directly to the creative in need. Each listing was an opportunity to validate another woman and showed our community of makers that they ARE worthy and WE WILL INVEST IN THEM!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to my team and the 72 female makers that made the Auction such a success!! We faced some challenges while learning to create and run an auction in just a couple of weeks but WE DID IT!! We raised $10,631 for other female makers all around the country. Thank you so much to everyone that bid on an item or donated - not only did your support help validate the female artists in our community but you also let them know that they are not alone in this. We truly are all in this together!!

xoxo, Nina B