Visualize your Goals

This month's challenge was: VISUALIZE YOUR GOALS. Share how you tackled this month's challenge.

Hey, It's me, Nina. This month I challenged you to Defy your Limits. There are so many things that might be holding you back from reaching your potential and the crazy thing is that most of those limits are self-imposed. We set limits for ourselves based on what we've been told is possible for us or our past experiences. This month I want to challenge you to address those limits and dig into where they are coming from. Is there any way you can push past them, and defy your limits? Take a moment to share it with us! This Messageboard is a place for you to acknowledge your power and appreciate yourself and the impact you can make. If you want to, take a moment to read other posts and cheer the other members of your Earspiration community on! 

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