This month's challenge was: BE POWERFUL. Share how you tackled this month's challenge.

Hey, It's me, Nina. This month I challenged you to Be Powerful. Power can be so many things and being powerful can be expressed in so many ways. Expressing your power doesn't have to be some grandiose earth shattering gesture, it can be something small, something big, something personal or something public, but take a moment to share it with us! This Messageboard is a place for you to acknowledge your power and appreciate yourself and the impact you can make. If you want to, take a moment to read other posts and cheer the other members of your Earspiration community on! 



I feel powerful when I create something! I’ve been letting intimidation prevent me from starting a new sewing project for months. Loved having the earrings as a little reminder that there is so much power in learning new things, even when it’s super humbling.


I feel the most powerful when I am feeling CONFIDENT! And my confidence usually comes from self care and doing things that I love to do. So this month I plan on making time to read in the bath, taking long walks with my pups, and enjoying every minute of this beautiful fall weather!

Lillian Hutchinson

Hey ladies!!! Just received my earrings and I already know what I want to tackle. I always felt my most powerful after I completed a long hike or run and I’ve completely let that feeling fade away. This month I’ve laid out a few goals for myself and I’m ready to crush each one of them. Might have to even grab some new sneakers!

Nina Berenato

I had the chance to be powerful right at the start of this month because I have been dealing with someone treating me really rudely and disrespectfully. It came to a head just a few days ago and every bone in my body wanted to be petty and prove that I was right and they were wrong. BUT I know that it would be an energy suck and conserving my energy for people who love and respect me is more valuable. This month I am being powerful by walking away and letting it GO. I’m finding power in releasing the negative energy and moving on!

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