Small Business Consultation for Women

I offer one-on-one consultations with small business owners and creatives to help them map out what direction their business should be heading. This includes getting to the core of your mission, identifying the Why and creating a custom communication and marketing strategy for growth.

If you are familiar with my company, then you know that one thing that has always set me apart is my ability to innovate - to think outside of the box and invent creative solutions that have set my brand apart from the pack. Most importantly, I've been able to stay true to my mission and create a business that is more than just selling a product.

I specialize in helping businesses WITHOUT funding who are bootstrapping their companies themselves and I am so excited to create an actionable plan for your unique goals. With this service, I will learn about your business and tap into my own experience and creativity, offering you a new way to approach your business and finally get to where you want to be.

Please contact me at for rates and availability.