Consulting & One on One Mentorship

Before my company and my store came to fruition, I was in your shoes just starting out. And, if you aren't just starting out - still I can promise you I've been where you are in your business journey! It can get confusing out there with so much information about how to price, how to market, what tradeshows to go to, or how to produce your goods. From pricing to manufacturing, I have 10 years of trial and error experience that have shaped the designer and owner I am today. 

And, there is no way I'm keeping all this good information to myself!

If you are a jewelry designer looking to learn all about jewelry making, check out... The Jewelry Academy! This is my masterclass educational resource aimed to support start-up, emerging, and even developed jewelry designers to find their own path to success in the jewelry industry. As your lead instructor, I'm giving you an in-depth look at how to create a business, produce jewelry, market/brand a business, and leave with a profit. Along with my two personal mentors, we are sharing our experiences and trade secrets to give you a clear and concrete plan on how to get your jewelry line created and noticed!

Check out The Jewelry Academy here!

Not a jewelry designer? Don't worry - I can help you turn your perceived weaknesses into your greatest strengths, giving your business a fighting chance. I will share with you my 10 years of industry experience along with my proprietary tools and tricks that have allowed me to beat the odds and build the business of my dreams without outside investment. I'm living proof that it's possible and I'm here to show you how. Send me an email at to book a Power Hour with me!